This is the Family of Germán and María Wasserzug

Here are some family pictures:

María and Germán - 2006

These are their children:

Stephen (Steve), Alexander (Al), Claudia, Andrew (Andy), Patricia (Patty),

Paul and Daniel (Danny)

Family Reunion – Christmas 2004

These are their grandchildren:

Top Row: Dominic, Nicholas, Jennifer and Christopher.

Middle Row: Daniel, Emily, Victoria, Kimberly and Julian.

Bottom Row: Elaina, Germán holding Jacqueline, María holding Isabel, and Eric.

Inserts: Michael and Ryan

Family Reunion – Christmas 2004


And these are some other very dear members of the family:



Top: Stephanie (Rachel’s sister), Cory (Kimberly´s boyfriend),

Anthony (Jennifer’s husband) and Dennis (Patty’s husband).

Middle: Sherri (Al’s wife), Angela (Nicholas’ wife), Jenny (Andy’s wife),

Kristin (Steve’s wife) and Rachel (Danny’s wife).

Bottom: Germán and María.

Inserts: Brooke (Michael’s wife), Alissa (Paul’s girlfriend)

Family Reunion – Christmas 2004





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