Brief Biography of the Family of Germán and María Wasserzug

This family consists of Germán, María and their children Alexander, Patricia, Claudia, Stephen, Daniel, Andrew and Paul. Germán, María and the first three children were born in Argentina. The rest of the children were born in Cincinnati, Ohio. The family came from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Cincinnati, Ohio, in May 1961 and in 1974 they moved to Louisville, Kentucky.

Germán and María completed high school in Argentina, Germán in Córdoba and María in Buenos Aires. In 1949 they started as students at the School of Medicine in the University of Buenos Aires, were they met, but they only completed a few courses there. German also took some courses at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, but he never completed the requirements to obtain a degree.

Germán worked in Buenos Aires as a clerk at the Office of the President (Rector) of the University of Buenos Aires (1948-1954) and as a sales office clerk at the Electric Wires and Cables division of the Italian conglomerate Pirelli (1954-1961).

In Cincinnati Germán worked for the Procter & Gamble Company (1961-1967) where his last position was accounting clerk. Later he worked as a Computer Programmer and Systems Analyst for the Good Samaritan Hospital (1967-1974) and the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.

When the family moved to Louisville in 1974, Germán went to work for a service bureau that is no longer in business that designed computer systems for hospitals (1974-1976). Later he was Systems Analyst for the Jewish Hospital of Louisville (1976-1980). In 1980 he started as a Systems Analyst for Cissell Manufacturing Company (1980-1991), also in Louisville. When he retired from Cissell he was Manager of the Management Information Systems.

In Louisville María started to work part-time at the Lentini Restaurant, where she worked on and off from 1974 until 2001. She also worked as a Phlebotomist (1979-1982). In 1984 she started to work full time at the Colwell Mortgage Company. That company, through several mergers and acquisitions, became a subsidiary of Bank of America, one of the largest banks in the country. She went into retirement in 1999. Since June 2002 she is working as a Greeter at a local Wal-Mart store.

María and Germán live in Fern Creek, just southeast of the City of Louisville, KY.

We are very proud of our children. They all live in Louisville, except Steve and Andy as noted below. Here are a few words about each one of them, in age order:

Alexander David Wasserzug (“Al”) (b.1956) is married to Sherri Lynn Phillips (b.1956). Al works from his home in Louisville. He is a Business Development Manager for a Printed Circuit Technology company. Sherri is an Instructional Assistant at a school in Jefferson County Board of Education in Louisville. They have four children, all born in California: Nicholas Alexander (b.1979), Jennifer Lynn (b.1981), Dominic Damon (b.1986) and Julian Phillip (b.1994).

Nicholas got married in October 2005 with Angela Nicole Hinton (b.1982). Angela graduated from the University of Louisville in December 2004 with the title of B.S. in Accountancy. Angela has a job in accounting at Humana, a company that provides medical services and medical insurances. They live in a house they bought in New Albany, Indiana, near Louisville. They have a son: Maximilian Hinton (b.2008)

Jennifer got married in July 2005 to Anthony Edward Rice (“Tony”) (b.1976) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jennifer works in the Accounting Department of United Parcel Services (UPS) in Louisville, KY and Tony, originally from California, works at a sign and electric company. They live in a house they bought in Louisville. They have a son: Vincent Edward (b.2007), born in Louisville.

Patricia W. Boyd (“Patty”) (b.1957) is married to Dennis Wayne Boyd (b.1956). Patty is a Mathematics Teacher at Fairdale High School in Louisville. Dennis works in the department of customer services of Charter Communications, an Internet service provider company. They have three children: Michael Louis (b.1980), Christopher Wayne (“Chris”) (b.1981) and Kimberly Marie (“Kim”) (b.1983).

Michael is married to Brooke Hillary Gordon (b.1980). Michael works at “Computer Outlet”, a company dedicated to selling and repairing computers, computer networks and computer parts. Brooke graduated from a technical institute where she learns to produce graphic arts using computers and now she works freelancing in the graphics arts business. They live in a condominium house they bought in a northeastern suburb of Louisville.

Chris is a Network Engineer for Charter Communications, an Internet service provider company.

Kim graduated from a technical institute where she learned to produce graphic arts using computers. Now she is a student at the University of Louisville where she will obtain a decree in Biology.

Claudia Wasserzug (b.1960) is a Senior Graphic Production Artist for an advertising agency in Louisville. She has a daughter, Emily Marie (b.1991), with her former husband, Robert Bruce Botts (b.1964).

Stephen Wasserzug (“Steve”) (b.1965) is married to Kristin Adams Kelly (b.1966) from Houston, Texas. Steve graduated from the University of Evansville, Indiana with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; he works for Swales Aerospace (Beltsville, MD) as a systems engineer.  Kristin graduated from Duke University with B.A. degrees in Economics and Art History; she works for St. Luke Christian Day School as a pre-school teacher.  They have two children: Isabel Marie (b.1996) and Eric Franklin (b.1998) and they live in Silver Spring, Maryland, just north of Washington, DC.

Daniel Wasserzug (“Danny”) (b.1967) is married to Rachel Lynn Noe (b.1972) of Louisville. Danny is Manager of Human Resources at a Geriatric Home in Louisville. They have three children: Daniel Thomas (b.1991), Victoria Lynn (b.1992) and Jacqueline Marie (b.1998).

Andrew Wasserzug (“Andy”) (n.1970) is married to Jennifer Lynn Bates (“Jenny”). Andy works at a Toyota Plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. Jenny works at the offices of the Kentucky Horse Park en Lexington, KY. They have two children: Ryan Tyler and Elaina Renee. Ryan is the son of Jenny from a previous marriage. They live in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Paul Wasserzug (b.1972) works for a carpet company in southern Indiana. He lives in New Albany, Indiana with the family of his girl friend Alissa Poole.


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